Marching Band and WGI Winds

I can provide full shows of original or arranged music. With one composer writing all of the music and sound design, you will get a cohesive pice of music that is clear in its intent and transparent. This way the winds are written with the front ensemble and battery in mind and vice versa. The electronics are designed into the music, at its core, not put onto them after its already completed. With this approach, you get something akin to concert music in that there isn't voices piling on just to give the kids notes to play, it one solid piece of music from the ground up. Upon request, I can provide an un-orchestrated piano score to provide an idea of what your show will sound like. This is usually a rough cut, but will give you an idea of the pacing and tonality of the show.  It is also more economical than hiring 2-3 arrangers (plus a sound designer).

Walton High School 2015

Walton High School 2015

I am amble to provide just wind arrangements or percussion arrangements, however, my clients that purchase an entire show top to bottom are much better off because the percussion and winds are structured to compliment each other, it isn't a one way relationship. 

I can also provide just sound design.

Any show that includes electronics will be delivered in one of two ways. You can either choose to receive an MainStage file with every patched and sample preloaded (preferred, but requires a mac laptop in your front ensemble), Or receive raw samples (as .wav files) for you to load into your sampler and generic patch suggestions.

Indoor Drumline

Atlanta Quest 2015

Atlanta Quest 2015

I have had success at all levels of the activity and made finals multiple times in every class (A, Open, and World). I can offer services as composer/arranger, program coordinator, or sound designer! I am currently the Front Ensemble arranger and Sound Designer for Atlanta Quest (2014 PIW Finalist 8th, 2013 PIO Bronze medal) and Q2, as well as several high schools. I can craft a show that is engaging and a complete product that not only challenges the students but also sets them up for success by having a design that answers all the questions and works on all levels.


Winter Guard

I can cut your soundtrack together in my professional studio, so it sounds like a real record. I can also compose original music for your show. 

My Clients (past and present) include:

     Walton High School 

     Legends Drum Corps

     Genesis Indoor Drumline and G2

     Atlanta Quest (2013-2016)


     Alliance Drum Corps (2014-2017)

     North Gwinnett High School

     Frequency Percussion (2011-2012)

     Collins Hill High School

     Waller High School

     Blue Springs South High School

     Forsyth Central High School

     Buford High School

     Altoona High School

     Mill Creek High School

     Sumter High School